Welcome to California Secretary of State's online filing for corporation Statements of Information. Authorized representatives may use this service to file an initial, yearly or every two year statement for most corporations.

Required Browsers: Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE) version 8.0 or higher is required in order to submit a Statement of Information.

Fees: The fee for filing the required statement is $20. In addition, all domestic stock and all foreign corporations must pay a $5.00 disclosure fee at the time of filing, for a total of $25.00. A credit card is required to file online (Visa or MasterCard ONLY).

Free Copy: A free PDF copy of the filed Statement of Information will be returned to the filer electronically if a valid email address is provided at the time of submission.

Additional Copies: Additional plain copies and certified copies may be requested at a later time. Refer to Information Requests for information about ordering additional copies.

To begin, enter the corporation name or number in the appropriate space provided above. If your corporation name does not appear in the search results, you must file either by mail or at the public counter in Sacramento.

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Statements for common interest developments must be submitted on paper, by mail or in person (drop off), at this time. Please visit Statements of Information for forms and instructions.